Thursday, April 16, 2015

Announcing the release of my title BENEATH A MACON MOON. Currently 99 CENTS on Kindle.

Twenty-three-year-old Jaela Andrews is hurt when her mother reveals a long-kept secret that makes her question her life. How could her mother keep something this important from her?

Angry and frustrated, Jaela packs her bags. Her friend's parents need a house sitter for the summer. Jaela manages a job transfer to the Macon area, seeking a place of quiet solitude to rethink her life.

But if she thinks she will find peace and quiet among the chaos in the old Victorian home, she has another thought coming. Unknown to her, the home is under renovation.

The first morning Jaela awakes to a banging hammer followed by the shrill squeal of a saw. She traipses downstairs, flings the door open, planning to give whoever is the source of the noise a peace of her mind. Her gaze locks with a tall, handsome Norseman look-alike with the prettiest blue eyes she's ever seen. Crouched on the porch, knees on a board, Eric Larsen sets the saw on the porch to smile up at her.

Before he can speak, she snaps, "What are you DOING here?"

He picks up the saw, slices through a board, slinging sawdust on her shoes and ankles. Then he sets it and eyes her. "My job. What are YOU doing here?"

Let the games begin! These two get into more bumbling situations than you can count.

BENEATH A MACON MOON is loaded with humor and crazy scenarios, but all lead to a deeper purpose. Forgiveness and the acceptance of God's love.

Follow Jaela's journey as she laughs, cries, and searches for new purpose, then realizes she can't move ahead until she lets go of her anger.

Watch her attempts to NOT fall in love. But who can resist the charming handyman? Even if his idea of humor sometimes strikes the wrong chord.

BENEATH A MACON MOON is a story about the repercussions that arise from deceit, concealment, and words spoken in anger.

You will love the secondary characters, Rod Larsen, the hero's younger brother, plus elderly neighbors Madge and George.

The eccentric Madge imagines a crime behind every bush while keeping her binoculars zoned in on the Victorian house next door. Contrary to Madge, her husband George is sucked into the enemy camp when Jaela invites him in for cookies and coffee.