Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Until the Storm Passes Over

Last night as I drifted off to sleep, a storm raged outside my window. I awoke around midnight to a roaring wind that ripped through the trees on the west side of our house. The blasts pounded the exterior until I wondered if we would sail through the air like the ill-fated Hindenburg.

At times like these I realize my helplessness and run straight into the arms of The One who really is in control. I asked God to send His angels to cover our house, to steady it on its foundation. When the power faltered and and we were without light, fear rose again. I silently prayed to the God who is Light, and whose power never falters.

Lines from the beautiful old hymn, Master, The Tempest is Raging, hummed through my mind as I lay in pitch darkness, waiting for the storm to pass.

Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea, or billows or wind or whatever it be. No demon can swallow the ship where lies the Master of ocean and earth and skies. They all shall sweetly obey Thy will, peace be still, peace be still.

At 2. a.m a calm settled over our little piece of the world. Hubby and I fell into a peaceful sleep and awoke to another glorious day, the only damage a few fallen limbs which miraculously missed the house. We rejoiced and praised the One who brought us through the storm once again.

When thou passesth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior. Isaiah 43:2-3