Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Rose For Sharon--A Tribute to author Sharon Donovan.

Roses seem to be harbingers in my life. Let me explain: In the fall of 1994 my mother-in-law passed away. The following summer, one single rose appeared on her normally flourishing bush.

Was God giving me a sign? Did this lone rose represent my sweet mother-in-law, now with Him? The solitary rose was the only bloom that appeared on the bush in 1995.

The following summer of 1996, a solitary rose appeared again on the bush--one month after my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. I couldn't help wondering, if the rose was connected to him and/ or my deceased mother-in-law.

Days later my father-in-law died. After the funeral service I checked the bush again. I could hardly believe my eyes! Another pink rose flaunted itself beside the once solitary blossom. Two people who dearly loved one another, were now reunited.

Sixteen years have passed. My husband and I live one hill over from his parents' home place. Our yard is also graced with a rose bush which normally blooms the week before Mother's Day. I pick my mom a fragrant bouquet every year. But, due to unseasonably warm weather this spring, a single large bloom appeared high on the bush last week. I contemplated what it might mean. Was another dear loved one about to pass? I checked the bush several days consecutively; still the lovely rose remained alone in its glory.

The first of this week, I inspected the bush again. At least two dozen pink blooms had opened, surrounding the original rose, still in its glory. What was God trying to tell me?

I would soon find out. Two days later I received the news that my sweet soul sister, Sharon Donovan had passed from this world. I believe God sent the beautiful rose as a sign that Sharon would soon be with Him, enjoying the splendor of heaven.

But, what of the surrounding roses? Do these new blooms represent us, as Sharon's friends--the ones her sweetness and generosity touched while she dwelt here? Through kindness and love, she blessed many.

Sharon Donovan, I miss you. But I can't quench the thrill that mingles with grief when I visualize your newly-restored eyes exploring the awesome wonders of heaven--gorgeous flowers, streets of pure gold, glorious mansions, pearly gates. Beauty beyond compare. A place where there is no more sickness, no pain, not tears. A place where only good things exist---things like love, joy, laughter, and peace.

The once solitary rose still perches above the other blooms in its glory. Not only in my yard; I believe the rose, Sharon, now also graces God's heavenly garden.