Thursday, April 16, 2015

Announcing the Release of BENEATH A MACON MOON.  5-STAR Rated and ONLY $1.99  at Kindle.

Twenty-three-year-old Jaela Andrews is hurt when her mother reveals a long-kept secret which crushes her self image. How could mother betray her?

In anger and tears, Jaela obtains a job transfer then packs her things and moves to Macon to house sit for her friend's parent. Ahhh, her summer refuge. a place to rethink her life.


But if she expects to find peace and quiet among the chaos in the Victorian home, Jaela is dead wrong. Unknown to her, the house is being renovated.

The first morning Jaela awakens to a banging hammer followed by the squeal of a saw. Annoyed, she traipses down the stairs then flings open the door. Crouched on the porch, one knee on a board, his large hand gripping a saw, is a tall, handsome, Viking lookalike with the prettiest ice-blue eyes she's ever seen.

He glances up at her and smiles. But before he can speak, she snaps, "What are you DOING here?"

He squeezes the trigger on the saw, slices through a board. Sawdust sprays Jaela's shoes and ankles. Then he sets it down, looks up. and replies, "My job. What are YOU doing here?"

Let the games begin! Jaela and Eric get into more hilarious situations than you can count.
How can JAELA resist the charming handyman--even if ERIC's brand of humor often strikes the wrong chord?

BENEATH A MACON MOON is loaded with witty dialogue and bumbling scenarios. But beneath the humor runs a deeper strand. The characters' need to forgive those who have wounded them and the struggle to forgive themselves for the wrongs they've committed. Only through God's grace is this possible.

Follow JAELA as she laughs, cries, and falls in love, only to realize she can't truly be free until she lets go of her anger.

BENEATH A MACON MOON is a story about the repercussions that arise from secrets, concealment, and words spoken in anger.

You will love secondary characters including, Eric's younger brother, ROD. and the nosy, elderly neighbors, GEORGE and MADGE WILCOX.

GEORGE is the proverbial teddy bear. JAELA easily wins the elderly gentleman over with cookies and coffee,. MADGE is another story. She has her suspicions about what is transpiring next door. Why did the homeowners suddenly disappear...and without telling her? Why is this young woman living in their home? And what about the Big Blond Galoot who calls himself the HANDYMAN? He could easily be an axe murderer.  Keeping her binoculars zoned in on the Victorian house, MADGE attempts to stir things up for Jaela and Eric.

What secret does JAELA'S mother reveal? What message beyond the grave does she find in her jewelry/music box? What pain lies in ERIC's past? What will JAELA discover about the elderly MADGE? Why is she poking around in the backyard?

 For ONLY $1.99 at Kindle, you can get the answers to all theses questions and more. 5-STAR- Rating at Amazon.