Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet Pamela S Thibodeaux!

Laurean: "Today our special guest author is the talented, Pamela S. Thibodeaux. Here she comes, folks! Give her a warm welcome!"

The audience applauds as Pamela sashays across the stage, sleek, black portfolio case tucked securely under one arm. She smiles and waves at the multitude. Pamela takes a seat, then props her portfolio case on the floor just so-so against her chair. She pushes back the cuff of her stylish silk, charcoal suit jacket and checks the time. After patting the collar of her red, silk blouse, she crosses her legs.

"Pam, I've heard that you are a master at multi-tasking. Can you clue us in on how you manage such a hectic lifestyle? What does your typical workday consist of and how do you pack so much into it?"

Pamela: "Well, Laurie...first let me thank you for having me here today on Laurean's Lore, such a lovely place to visit! My typical workday begins between 4 and 5 am. I get up, brew coffee (thank goodness for a Bunn that only takes 3 minutes LOL!), pour a 12 oz. mug of the steaming brew then head to my office where I check email, blog, promote and/or write. At 6:30 (7 at the latest), I hit the pavement for a walk/jog with my German Shepherd, Cassie. Sometime amidst all that I spend a few minutes with my husband, then it's off to the shower, dress and leave for my job. I work 8:30 to 5 as a licensed insurance producer.

"After work and supper, I'm back at the computer until 8:30 or 9 pm.--unless hubby finds a movie for us to watch. One thing that helps tremendously, Laurie, is I do my utmost to include God in all the thing I do on any given day. The Apostle Paul exhorted us to 'pray unceasingly' and 'in ALL things with prayer and supplication.' I try to do this by talking and listening to God throughout my day. For most people, when you say 'meditation' they have visions of sitting or lying in a trance-like state for long periods of time. In all actuality, the word 'meditate; means to contemplate or ponder. By keeping God and His word prevalent in my heart and mind throughout my day, I am more focused and productive."

Laurean: "My goodness, audience. When does she sleep? Maybe we coud all learn a few things from this lady." (Turns to Pam) "Now Pam, if you don't mind my asking... If you could change three things in your life, what would they be?"

Pamela: "The FIRST thing I would change is the fact that I have to work. You see, Laurie, my greatest desire is to stay home and write. Alas, God has not granted that wish yet. If I could go back and undo the mistakes I've made, I'd love to do that and I'd give my life to Jesus a LOT earlier on. About the other thing I would want to change is PERFECT health for my entire family -- children, grandchildren, and especially my husband whom I adore."

Laurean: "I believe God will honor your desires. Know that your family is in our prayers, also. You must have given that a lot of thought. Next question. Out of all the characters you have developed, with which one can you most closely identify? Take a moment and think about that."

Laurean presses a finger to her lips to shush the audience while Pam closes her eyes and taps a glossy, red nail against her chin. She opens her eyes, then turns to her host.

Pamela: Well, Laurie, as a writer yourself, I'm sure you can agree that we identify with some part of each of our characters. But if I had to pick just one, it would be Katrina in Tempered Dreams. As a battered woman, she had a lot of healing to go through. Since I'd experienced this to a degree in my life, I identified with her doubts and fears of ever being able to trust or fall in love."

Laurean: "Yes, Pam. I can understand that. No one should have to go through abuse. But with God's healing, we will become better if we don't allow it to make us bitter. Now tell us... If a movie were made from one of your books, which one would you select? Who would you choose to play the hero and heroine?"

Pamela: "Dream of all dreams. LOL! I'd love to see a movie made out of Tempered Dreams, book 2 in my 4-part series, as I believe the message of healing is important to all people -- abused or not. We all have things in our lives we need to overcome. Heroine -- Sandra Bullock, Hero -- Matthew McConaughey."

Laurean: "Two great choices. And what a blockbuster it would be!" (Audience whistles and applauds.) Sounds like your fans agree. Okay now, which one book out of those you have written, did you most enjoy writing? Please elaborate."

Pamela: The most fun to writ was Tempered Fire, book 3 in my 4-part series. All of the other stories had major spiritual issues to work through -- abuse, grief, etc. Although this one had its share of ups and downs, writing about a young couple in love struggling to do the right thing was lots of fun and a welcome break after the rollercoaster ride of emotions in Tempered Dreams."

Laurean: "How well I understand. We all need a break from depressing situations. Especially the news. It reminds me of the old Anne Murray song, Sure Could Use a Little Good News Today. And since peace and joy are fruits of the Spirit, we know God wants us to be happy and rest in Him. Now. Which book was hardest to write?"

Pamela: "Actually the hardest to write was my novel The Visionary which is as of yet un-contracted. This book deals openly and candidly with child abuse and the healing an adult survivor must go through. The manuscript is with an agent right now and hopefully, he'll place it soon. As for published books, Tempered Dreams was the most difficult to write."

Laurean: "I critiqued The Visionary, so understand why it was so hard to write. But it is well written and bears a great message of hope for the abused. The next question strikes a lighter note. Pam, in your wildest dreams, describe what you will be doing in five years. Dream big."

Pamela: "Laurie Dear, don't you know better than to ask a ROMANCE author to share her WILDEST dreams? LOL! Oh my...let me think...this is similar to the 'if you had a million dollars' question. Okay, here goes! In my wildest dreams five years from now I'll be living in a log home with a loft office and writing my next NY Times best seller."

Laurean: "Your dreams ar big, but remember: 'With God, all things are possible.' Don't give up those dreams. Could be that God has placed them in your heart for a reason. Now...which authors' books did you devour as a child? And how has reading them influenced your writing today?"

Pamela: "Oh my. Hard to answer that one, Laurie, as I read so much growing up! The first I can recall devouring were The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. As a young girl I read mostly books about horses, and those were my favorite. In fact, my grandfather painted a ceramic replica of The Black Stallion which I still have today. As a teen, I moved into the romance genre and can't even remember all those authors, since I read everything -- contemporary, historical. It didn't matter as long as the book was a romance. LOL!

Laurean: "I loved animal adventure stories as a child, too. Especially ones about dogs and horses. I want you to pause now and take a moment to think through this one. If you could write your own epitaph, what would you want it to say? Pretend you have all the space you need."

Pamela closes her eyes as if in deep concentration. When she opens them, she looks at Laurean and begins...

Pamela: "Loving wife and mother, kind and gentle with a creative mind and generous heart -- a true and faithful follower of Christ."

Laurean: "What greater legacy could one wish to leave behind? Now, in closing, would you like to say anything about your latest book? And share any links to websites or blogs with which you are associate, along with information about purchasing or reading excerpts/synopsis of your books."

Pamela: "My novel Tempered Joy, book 4 in the series, was released in July of 2008 from ComStar Media. This year, I had two short stories released from White Rose Publishing -- Winter Madness and a FREE read, Review of Love. Synopsis and excerpts of all my short stories as well as my novel, The Inheritance, can be found at White Rose Publishing.

"All my full-length novels are available in print form from and all my titles are available in Ebook from the publisher of All Romance Ebooks.

Excerpts and synopsis of my novels can be found a my website,

Besides my own blog, I am an active participant at the White Roses in Bloom blog .

Laurean: (Raises her hand and waves at the audience) "Pamela S. Thibodeaux, everyone! Did you enjoy her interview? Then give her a big hand!"

Ear-splitting whistles and deafening applause reverberate as the audience leaps to its feet. Pamela rises, smiles at her admirers and blows a kiss. She bends to retrieve her portfolio case, then straightens to smoothe her skirt. After tugging at the sleeves of her stylish jacket, she gives Laurie a hug. With one last wave at the multitude, she prances offstage to thunderous rounds of applause and shouts of "We love Pam! We love Pam!"


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Good morning Friends!

I'm up early as usual and have a TON of things to do today - as well as family coming in from out-of-state - but I'll be dropping by off and on.

Until later.....Blessings to all!

Sharon Donovan said...

Hi Laurie and Pam. Lovely interview, ladies! Pam, you are such an inspirational person it shines right through the pages. I wish you God's blessing and all good things. If I had a magic wand, I would sprinkle angel dust and grant you all your wishes. Keep writing those wonderful stories of hope and inspiration.

Love and blessings,


Sharon Donovan

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Sharon! I wish the same Blessings for you and all writers!

Miss Mae said...

Hi Pam,

Wonderful interview, and wow, you are one busy woman! I wish I had your energy!

Does your hubby, or family, or friends, help to give you inspiration for your books? I just wondered where you got the spark of ideas for your plots? :)

All the best, Pam!


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hey Miss Mae!

I must - with all modesty and humility - say that my husband is MY idea of a hero. Not perfect mind you, but sweet yet strong, gentle but tough and very sentimental - perfect fodder for fictional heroes LOL!

As for plots, my characters usually tell me their story and I just write it down. Have to go back and clean up their messes from time to time LOL!

Thanks for dropping by.


Laurean Brooks said...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for dropping in, Sharon and Miss Mae. Isn't Pam one busy, talented lady? One who isn't afraid to dream big or to work toward those dreams.

Yes, I wish I had her energy, too.


Nicola said...

Great interview. Pam, you're amazing!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks again Laurie for having me here!

Aww Nicke, you calling ME amazins like the pot calling the kettle black LOL!

We all know what you do behind the scenes for WRP along with your other endeavors.

Thanks, though for the compliment.

Love & BLESSINGS to you ALL!


Anonymous said...

Pam & Laurie,

So glad to see you this morning!!! Pam, you know how I feel about you. Laurean, excellent interview my friend!

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Great Interview I understand some of what you do. but I don't have the energy to accomplish in a day what you do. I know God has plans for you hon in his time. We always need to be patient and wait on him
God Bless both you and your husband and family and your German Shepherd. I have a old shepherd girl also

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Ashley & Read to Review for stopping by and your lovely comments.

Off to town, folks, to meet family that's coming in from MO so...I'll check back in with you all later!


Donna B said...

Wow! The crowd really loved you Pam! Nice job! I pray that God grants you your heart's desire - the desire all us writer's have of being able to write full time. Stick to it. You're definitely on the road.

Laurean Brooks said...


On behalf of Pam, I thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words.

She is one busy lady. Her walk with God keeps her working toward her aspirations. We are blessed to know her.


Emma Lai said...

Beautiful interview, ladies!

Cate Masters said...

Add my whistles and applause to the ovation! Great interview, Pam and Laurie! I love your choice of movie stars to play your hero and heroine. Best of luck!

Laurean Brooks said...

Thank you for dropping in Emmai Lai and Cate. Doesn't the audience just love Pam?

I hear your loud "woo-hoos!"

And congrats to you girls on your latest books.


Mary Ricksen said...

Mary stands in the back applauding as well. Cool ladies!

Laurean Brooks said...

Yeah, Mary!

I hear that high-shrill whistle. Thanks for making Pam's day. And for making mine a little brighter.

Congratulations to you on your latest release. Keep'em comin'.


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Sorry I'm so late getting back ladies. Family from MO got in just fine and we stayed longer than I thought we would. Now my Angel Girl (grand daughter Bryanna) is over so I only have a few minutes but I wanted to THANK you ALL for stopping by and THANK LAURIE again for interviewing me.

Donna B; I know that in God's perfect timing all of my wildest dreams will come true, including the one to stay home and write!

Thanks for the applause Emma, Cate & Mary - Laurie does a great job of interviewing.

Once again THANK YOU ALL and may God bless each of you beyond your wildest dreams.

And a special BLESSING for you, Laurie!


lastnerve said...

Ok yeah, can you please direct me to the aisle that has your bottled energy because Ummmm, I SO NEED IT RIGHT NOW! I was breathing hard just reading all that you do. I just wanted to say I loved the interview and you are a lady to be admired!


Laurean Brooks said...

Thanks for dropping in, Val. I second the motion. Where does Pam get her energy? From caffeine?

I had to give that up. An herbalist told me 5 years ago that my adrenals were stressed. Her exact words, "No more caffeine, and no more sugar."

I've done well with my caffeine abstinence. The sugar? We won't go there. It's like asking a mad dog to relinquish his bone. LOL.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hey Val & Laurie!

Must say my energy comes from the Lord and maybe a tad from being Tarus LOL - Seriously, I believe if you set up some kind of routine in your life you ARE more productive.

Oh and a morning prayer walk helps too!

To be honest, I've actually slowed down these last few years - watch way more TV than I ever did in the past - being organized and disciplined is the best thing you can do for yourself and your writing career.....(says she who REALLY shouldn't be online but writing LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Hywela Lyn said...

Fascinating interview, Pam and Laurean, I'm overawed by everything you manage to cram into a day, Pam.
I really must learn from your example and try to be more organised!

Laurean - just a 'quickie' to thank you for your comment on my blog for Sharon - she's one amazing lady too!