Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LASR Scavenger Hunt Questions.

1. In The blog post, "An Interview with Austin Grant," what does Austin call Jenny? One word.

2. What does Jenny yell out at Austin after she runs up the train ramp?


MarthaE said...

Answer #1 Spitfire
Answer #2 Jenny yelled from the ramp:
I hope they throw you under the jail.
[I told you I had the answers *BG*]
Hope no one copies my answers though! LOL

Sharon Donovan said...

Hey Laurie. I already have the book and love it! So no worries, Martha. I won't steal your answers. Just popping by to show my pal my support. Keep writing those love stories and dreaming your dreams, Laurie! All good things,


SiNn said...

1. spitfire ,

2. "I hope they throw you under the jail!"

Ive never read the book or any of your work be cool to win what a cool interview tho


Laurean Brooks said...

Thank your for participating, Martha E and SiNn. Congratulations! You are both right. And I've decided to give you each a book!

So, email me at and give me your mailing addresses. You are lucky because I only have two books left. Got to order more.

Do me a favor. When you finish reading, "Journey To Forgiveness", let me know you thoughts via email or a comment on this blog. And if you really want to (and I sincerely want you to) post a "good" review on Amazon.