Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I found the neatest Color Analysis Test, one psychologist use to analyze patients' personalities. You won't believe how accurate it is. The test takes 5 minutes or less and it's fun! Just click on your favorite color square, next favorite, etc. until all color squares vanish. The same colors will pop up again in a different order. Repeat. Then click on your Test Results.

The test lists 6 different categories, a paragraph or a couple lines under each listing. For example, under the heading: YOUR DESIRED OBJECTIVE, mine says,

"Has a strong desire to contribute and influence others, but it can make her restless. She is often driven by her desires and hopes. Enjoys a wide range of activities, but she may spread herself too thin, taking on too much."


I'll not disclose anymore. Some aren't so complimentary, LOL, but still enlightening. I'll post the link. I want to hear what you think about the accuracy of YOUR test. I can't wait to find out what your personality analysis says about YOU.

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Miss Mae said...

LOL, this is what that very unrealistic survey had to say about Miss Mae:

"inclined to choose luxurious things, which are gratifying to the senses. Turned off by things which are tacky and tasteless."

The whole thing was a riot, but fun to take. Thanks, Laurie! :)

Laurean Brooks said...

I didn't know about your love of luxurious things. Hm...mmm. But the rest fits you to a tee.

These results change over time. Depends on you. I took it last year and the results were different. But it applied to my "then" situation.

Thanks for taking it, Miss Mae.

Celia Yeary said...

Well, this was weird. Some of it one dead on and was not flattering. Now I feel inadequate! Some of it was dead wrong. One thing that was right: inclined to appreciate finer things, stylish dressing. Interesting! Celia

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Laurie,
It was fun and definitely had me pegged on most of this. LOL I do feel isolated by my chosen career a lot and I certainly feel like I am forced into a major compromise with life events that are going on right now. LOL I also like to think I am creative and tend to help others. So those were right. I think my self-centeredness that I fulfill with promiscuous sexual gratification was a little out there. LOL Where's Oliver...I have to check that out.

Laurean Brooks said...


Most of mine wasn't very flattering either. A lot about forced compromise and needing to feel in control, "which makes it difficult to give of herself to another person." Hm--mmm.

Laurean Brooks said...


if you can't find Oliver, I'll loan you Oscar. Whaddya' say? Hee-heee!

Your analysis sounds somewhat like mine.

Thanks for taking the test and commenting.

Danielle Thorne said...

Hmm..some of my results were very interesting and not what I expected...denial? lol Some of the things are right on. They say we live or die by what we believe we are. It's hard to break the mold and make changes when we want to be something else, or something more. That was very interesting!

Larry Hammersley said...

Laurie: this color test is so accurate about me it's scary. Mercy, it hit the nail right on the head. My source of stress is that I want a chance to do as I wish, I want a chance to escape to do the things I want but lack the determination to do so. Other things were just as accurate. What can I do? Do I chose different colors and see what happens? Larry

Laurean Brooks said...

Larry, I guess you could choose different colors, but it wouldn't be as accurate. The funny thing is it changes because our favorite colors change.

I took the test a year ago and it was quite a bit different. So I must have selected different colors. It depends on what you are going through at a certain time.

Laurean Brooks said...


It sounds like you enjoyed the test. It is strangely accurate at least 85% for me. The other 15%, like you said, may be denial. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Laurie,
According to my test results, most any man will do, so bring on poor old Oscar. LOL

Laurean Brooks said...

Rebecca...er...girlfriend, you might want to think twice before you take that plunge. Don't forget, you'll have Mother to contend with.