Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Master of The Wind loves ME!

Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I just left Lucy Kubash's blog. If you have not read her strange incident, please take time to do so after you read this. Here's her blog address. lucynaylorkubash.blogspot.com

I had a similar supernatural experience with a tornado, late fall of '94. But let me backtrack a couple months. Have you ever heard the song, "The Master of the Wind"? In September of '94 that song kept whirling through my brain, so I bought the soundtrack with the intent to sing it during church service--if I could get up the nerve. (I'm not comfortable performing or speaking in front of a group.) Anyway,I put the tape in the car and sang it everywhere I drove.

Two months later, the Sunday following Thanksgiving, my sister and I were standing outside our mother's house when we noticed a sudden eerie calm after it had been windy. We decided it was time to leave for our homes. I had driven maybe seven miles through country backroads when I glanced to my left. About a 100 yards away in an open field, a wide band of darness stretched all the way from the sky to the ground. It wasn't your usual tornado. No funnel-shaped cloud here. Just a wide sheet that looked to be 50 feet wide.

I was scared out of my wits and started to cry out, "Lord, help me! What do I do?" It was impossible to judge whether the tornado was moving parallel to the car, or if it was headed straight for me. Keeping an eye on its position, I kept driving. I lost sight of the tornado behind tall trees when I passed a wooded area. Then the road curved to the left a half mile farther. Suddenly a thick, dark indigo cloud surrounded my car. But I kept driving slowly until I reached a low spot below a hill. I sat there about 10 minutes. Then I cranked up the car and drove home.

I had no idea of the extent of the damage until my husband drove through the area the next day. He came home to say, "You are just lucky that you and that little red car aren't stuck in a treetop."

I went back with him to survey the destruction. Where the darkness had surrounded me, the house on the left side of the road was minus a back porch. On the right side of the road, a path of trees for about 50 yards, were plastered to the ground.

All I could say was "God LOVES me! He loves ME!" Because for this to happen the way it did, the tornado must have struck the corner of that house, lifted up over my car, then came back down and ripped those trees up by the roots.

No doubt, God spared my life that day. Every time I pass the spot, I get the warm fuzzies because I can feel His love. So do you think that song, "The Master of the Wind" is connected in some way to this incident? I'll let YOU decide.

Below are the words to the chorus. If you haven't heard the song, you really should. It's beautiful. I never did sing it to the congregation, but I still have the tape, folks...to remind me how much God loves ME. He loves YOU that much, too.

I know the Master of the wind.
I know the Maker of the rain.
He can calm the storm
And make the sun shine again.
I know the Master of the wind.


J.A. Saare said...

Hello Laurean!

It was wonderful to meet you during the chat. I wanted to drop in and leave a comment to say hello.


Sharon Donovan said...

Laurie, this is a true testiment of faith. I got chills when I read this remarkable post. Do I think the song had an impact on your life being spared? Absolutely. You were shrouded in light during your darkest hour. This is truly a story of inspiration. When you place your faith in God, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This cloud most definitely had a silver lining. Keep the faith, my friend!

Sharon Donovan
Romantic Suspense with a Twist of Faith

Laurean Brooks said...

Hi there, Jaime!

Glad you could make it. What a sweet face!

Laurean Brooks said...

Hey Sharon!

Like you, I believe God gave me the song ahead of time to boost my faith, get it into my Spirit that He is in control.

Thanks for your insight.

Miss Mae said...

Oh, this is scary, Laurie. I hate, hate, hate high winds and the thoughts of a tornado...ugh! I'd be scared spitless.

So glad God protected you, but it's a testament to His promises.

Miss Mae

Anonymous said...

Yes I have utran some tornado's Back in Nebraska where I am from originally we would watch them on the other side of the river, but the one I remember the most was going through Texas.We had one coming directly right at us, we had no where to go. and nothing around us. When it was just about to us it veered out into a field went around us and then came back on the road. I know the Lord had us surrounded with his protection because we were what you might say a sitting duck right in the path of the twister. Now I am in Tennessee and have seen more tornados skip right around where I live. They seem to head my way then drop down below or go above where I live.

Laurean Brooks said...

Miss Mae, and Lynn,

We are definitely in tornado country. But God lives here, too. LOL.

Lynn, your encounter was horrifying too. Wow! Yes, that was definitely God.

Thank you both for stopping by.



Linda LaRoque said...

Wonderful post, Laurean. I've had a similar experience when I know God nudged me to prevent a car accident.


Marianne Evans said...

Speaking as a Michigan native, who doesn't hesitate to tuck herself into the basement during tornado warnings, your story really hit home, as did your recognition of God's faith and love. Great blog. :-)

Skhye said...

I've seen a few, Laurean, from my car window. But nothing as close up as you. ;) Wow! What a story to give others goosebumps.

Lucy Naylor Kubash said...

I'm also from Michigan and I've seen the devastation a tornado leaves behind. When my daughter was little, we lived in a house without a basement,and once when we had a very bad storm (which was never really determined to be a tornado)she and I and our little poodle hid underneath a mattress that I pulled off the bed. I was pretty sure our roof was going to blow off that day and after it was over, there were a lot of trees down around our house, but it was fine and so were we, except I was sore from lugging that mattress! God was certainly keeping us safe that day, as he was you, Laurean.

lastnerve said...

WOW! How awesome was that? I have no tornado story to tell ..... the closest I ever came was in the desert right outside of Vegas, I saw a dust devil while I was driving by! LOL

Hugs Laurean!

Anonymous said...

LOL val! dust devil's I've seen plenty in Arizona. The few tornadoes I saw as a girl in northwest Arkansas--I remember my grandma wrapping little me up in her "friendship quilt" -- which I still have, and can feel her love when I touch it.

Laurean, you are so blessed. What a story of hanging on in the face of fear, and calling out to God! crazy! that's quite a testimony!


Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Laurie,

Your Guardian Angel was working overtime that day and God even sent some helpers to lift that storm over you. Reminds me of the verse that says "A thousand shall fall at thy right and a thousand at thy left, but no harm shall befall thee..." God truly does love and watch out for you.
Blessings without measure,

Laurean Brooks said...

Marianne, Lucy,

Sounds like you Michigan folks have quite a few experiences with tornadoes. That's news to me. I thought most of them hit in the Southern states and midwest.

I'm glad God has protected you, too. I'm blessed to know you both.


Laurean Brooks said...


I would love to hear your account of when God nudged you and prevented a car accident. And thank you for posting.

God is good, ain't He?


Laurean Brooks said...


Your encounters still sound too close for comfort. Glad He protected you, or I wouldn't have met you, my zany friend. LOL.


Laurean Brooks said...

Val, I've never seen a dust devil, though I'v seen these small whirlwinds in the yard that pick up leaves and dust and swirl them arournd. Is that a small dust devil?

Ash, sounds like you've been through both. I can see you are still an Arkansas (Southern) girl at heart.

Anyway, girlfriends, God is in control. The song He gave me is what really got my attention.



Laurean Brooks said...


Thank you! Your verse is right on target. And yes, God was there for me.


I must interject: I love your humor regarding Lynn and Austin. Especially the line about the old ladies "dropping their dentures." LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an inspiring story. Having lived near tornado alley for several years, I know how scary they can be. God is good!

Laurean Brooks said...
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Laurean Brooks said...


You are so right. God's eye is continually on us. And He doesn't get distracted like I do. LOL

Tornado Alley, huh?

Donna B said...

Neat to know you were in the palm of His hand, huh? this past winter I was driving home from work, hit a patch of black ice in bumper to bumper traffic. My car spun completely around and I was facing an 18 wheeler following behind me. we were staring at each other, shock on both our faces. When i stopped spinning i slowly stepped on the gas and eased down the road until I could pull off into a parking lot. My car didn't touch anyone else and no one touched me. I don't know how that was possible, but I do believe in miracles.

Laurean Brooks said...


That is what I call a miracle! I don't even want to think about what might have happened without God's intervention.

I'm glad He did intervene. Sure would hate to lose my squiched-pee princess. (An inside joke.) If anyone wants to read Donna's rendition of the princess and the pea, I think I still have it saved somewhere.)

Maybe I'll just hold onto in case I need something for blackmail. LOL.

Love ya, girlfriend.

Clover Autrey said...

Wow, that is some story. I hope the owners of the house weren't home. I enjoyed chatting with you the other day and getting to know you better.

Laurean Brooks said...

Thanks for dropping by Clover. I enjoyed chatting with you, too. Hope we can do it again.

Have a wonderful day and God bless you.

I think the people were home, but not in that side room. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurean,

I found your blog by doing a search for my name, which is spelled the same as yours. Congratulations on getting your work in print! That is a major accomplishment!