Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upcoming Interview with Sharon Donovan

I am so excited. Two exciting things will happen here on this blog Friday. This Friday, May 8th.

First, the talented Sharon Donovan, who paints words instead of pictures, will be my guest. That is correct. I will ask her some tough and thought-provoking questions about her life. How she has overcome her handicap.

Sharon is an amazing and spirited person, besides possesing a gift of writing. Her stories are rich in detail and description. And the characters are so alive--so real--that you'd swear you know them.

Sharon's books, "Touched By an Angel," "The Claddagh Ring" and "Lasting Love" have merited great reviews and acclaims on dozens of sites.

Pop over here on Friday and post a comment. She's always ready with an answer.

The second surprise is....I am getting a book trailer on this blog for my book, "Journey To Forgiveness." That will be Friday also. I can't wait to view it! But... with this slow dial up, it will take around 35 minutes to download. That means (Ugh!) you will see it before I do. Not fair. LOL. Anyway, it will be worth the wait.

Come on over on Friday and join in the double celebration!

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Miss Mae said...

I'm here and waiting! :)